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Fair enough, children! After a small break in my blogging due to a series of highly fortunate circumstances, you can count on me starting to blog once again, about a variety of topics, which can range from tales about the excitement I derive from my homework assignments to even the revelation small details of my swashbuckling adventures around the world.

So, it's back to our regular programming. Thank you for your attention.

Gente en la estación de tren de Frankfurt

Esta es la Fernbahnhof del Aeropuerto Internacional de Frankfurt, Alemania. El tren que esta al fondo es un InterCity. Esta foto fue tomada hace alrededor de un año - supongo que me estoy acordando de lo primero que vi cuando aterrice en Europa por esas epocas.


Faludy György

Usualmente yo no soy persona para andar de poesía, pero en el caso de György Faludy, creo que voy a hacer una excepción, por aquello de mi magyarofilia y de las noticias recientes acerca de la pequeña revolución que se armó en Budapest a raíz del escándalo que armó el Primer Ministro húngaro, Ferenc Gyurcsány.

Así que aquí les transcribo (en inglés) una pieza de Faludy pues:

The Execution of Imre Nagy

He made his inventory at dawn,
pacing under the vault of his cell;
everything was in order,
only his pince-nez was missing.
Another minute had passed. His conscience was clear,
and in less than an hour his stubby legs
would catch with Lajos Kossuth, Rákóczi, Dósza

What gave him his calm?
Was it apathy, courage, character?
Or did he know that halfway there
he had solved the riddle of the century?
And what made him great and beautiful?
His faith? His intentions? His honesty?
The end? Force of circumstances? I don't know.

Maléter was coughing
in the next cell. Suddenly a cold draft
touched his forehead. Should he ask for
paper and ink? What for?
What for, he though. Papers drift away
like leaves in a storm,
and among them walks serenely, with measured steps,
a stocky grey-haired man: the deed.

The end. He guessed it would be hard
but by now it made no difference
- the door opened: cursing,
the goons jumped on him with iron bars,
crushed his shoulders
and broke his arms
and then they placed a leather strap
under his chin and tied it around his head
so that standing under the gallows

he wouldn't be able to say Magyarország
and they kicked him along the corridor
and he stumbled, half blind
without his pince-nez, then pityinlgy
he looked around the courtyard
but he couldn't make out the hangman's
frightened face, nor Kádár
who stood there cowering, drunk,
flanked by two Russian officers.

Then there was only the lime, butter-soft,
spreading over him like a billowing
toga. Soon it began to sink,
took his shape,
fastened on him and petrified.
It dissolved his skin, his flesh, his face,
but it preserved hair by hair the friendly curl
of his moustache, like the nation.

Since then the days are skinny
hollow-chested seamstresses
and the nights are sweating whores,
though sometimes when I'm half asleep
a gleam of light falls into my eye -
it might be distant lightning
or a playful searchlight
or the lamps from the next street,
but it could be his pince-nez.

[Imre Nagy era el primer ministro de Hungría durante la Revolución Húngara de 1956, durante la cual tropas soviéticas re-invadieron Hungría tras el linchamiento de oficiales del Partido Comunista gobernante durante un levantamiento popular contra la dictadura de Moscú. Más de 20.000 húngaros fueron asesinados durante la Revolución del '56, y muchos más terminaron exiliados de su país, entre ellos Faludy György. Hasta a Colombia alcanzaron a llegar exiliados húngaros del '56 - por ejemplo éste hombre]


Increible pero cierto...

Aja. Los Andes esta en Facebook. Raro.


Die Deutschstunde ist jetzt angekommen!

Achtung! Vorsicht, kleine Kinder! Die Deutschstunde ist nun bei uns angekommen, und alle müssen sich erinnern - also, die deutsche Sprache ist ja eine schwere Sprache. Nach 11 Monaten bin ich in Deutschland geblieben, und während dieser Zeit hab' ich Deutsch gelernt, und doch diese Fakten und meine Fleißigkeit beim Deutsch-Lernen habe ich ein schlechte, doch, schlimme, Zeugnis empfängen: 26 von 60. Schrecklich!

Wenn man Deutsch spricht, kann ich nur diese Prüfung des Spiegels empfehlen. Versuchen Sie sie mal!


Ajá. Por eso ocupamos el puesto 79 de 175 del último estudio del Banco Mundial acerca de la facilidad que tiene una empresa en Colombia para hacer negocios. Cierto?