Nos defendieron, carajo!

EL TIEMPO me dice que un columnista de The Guardian, un periódico inglés notorio por su visión de izquierda, salió a 'defender la imagen del país', así que naturalmente me interesé en ver qué era lo que pasaba. Y no puedo estar más de acuerdo con ésta joya:

Yet as long as the west refuses to curb its demand for cocaine - or legalise and commercialise it - the drug will be produced and traded from the entire Andean region. It is economic illiteracy to pretend that demand can be stemmed by curbing supply, and grotesquely unfair to persecute a poor supplier while one's own elite consumes vast quantities of the stuff. The corruption of Latin America's political economy by the west's narco guilt is sickening. The least that westerners can do to atone for this guilt is to visit Colombia and enjoy it.

Mejor no lo pude haber dicho jamás.


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